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About Us

Scientific and technical consulting in nanophotonics provided by Tineke Thio, Ph.D.

Tineke has a broad background in experimental condensed matter physics and optics. Most recently she was a Senior Research Scientist at the NEC Research Institute (Princeton, NJ) where she worked on nanophotonics. Tineke is one of the seminal group that initiated research on the novel enhanced optical transmission of nanometer-scale apertures.
Her other research interests included extraordinary magnetoresistance (EMR) in inhomogeneous high-mobility semiconductors, highly correlated electron systems, and bistable defects in semiconductors (DX centers). Tineke's Ph.D. and post-doctoral research at MIT focused on the magnetic and transport properties of La2CuO4, the antiferromagnetic precursor of the cuprate high-temperature superconductors.

Tineke's work has resulted in publications in leading peer-reviewed journals as well as patents. She twice won the NECI Patent of the Year Award, and was also awarded the NECI Technology Impact Award. She is a frequent invited speaker, both at conferences and at industrial and academic departments.

Complete CV (PDF, 200kB)