Nanophotonics - Patents

  1. US Patent 6,040,936 (21 Mar2000)
    "Optical transmission control apparatus utilising metal films perforated with subwavelength-diameter holes",
    T.J. Kim, T. Thio, T.W. Ebbesen.

  2. US Patent 6,052,238 (18Apr2000)
    Japanese Patent P3008931 (14Feb2000)
    "Near-field scanning optical microscope having sub-wavelength aperture array for enhanced light transmission",
    T.W. Ebbesen, H.F. Ghaemi, Tineke Thio, P.A. Wolff.

  3. US patent 6,236,033 (22May2001)
    "Enhanced optical transmission apparatus utilizing metal films having apertures and periodic surface topography",
    T.W. Ebbesen, D.E. Grupp, T. Thio and H.J. Lezec.

  4. US Patent 6,285,020 (4Sep2001)
    "Enhanced optical transmission apparatus with improved inter-surface coupling",
    T.J. Kim, A. Krishnan, T. Thio, H.J. Lezec, T.W. Ebbesen.

  5. US Patent #6,441,298 (27Aug2002)
    "Surface-plasmon enhanced photovoltaic device",
    Tineke Thio

  6. Patent #6,649,901 (18NOV2003)
    "Enhanced optical transmission apparatus with improved aperture geometry",
    T. Thio, K.M. Pellerin, R.A. Linke, H.J. Lezec, T.W. Ebbesen

  7. US Patent #6,834,027 (21DEC2004)
    "Surface plasmon-enhanced read/write heads for optical data storage media",
    M. Sakaguchi, T. Thio, R.A. Linke, T.W. Ebbesen, H.J. Lezec.